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Jorge Miron

Costa Mesa City Council District 3
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August 12, 2022

Jorge Miron enters the District 3 Council race


Local activist Jorge Miron has decided to run for City Council. "I've been encouraged to run by many friends in our community, as a breath of fresh air to the 'politics as usual' at City Hall. I cannot stand by while our community is torn apart by the constant flow of high density developer money, behested payments, and decisions made that will harm our community," said Miron. "In 2018 when our Council tried to sneak the special interest 'Homeless Highway' project by Mesa Del Mar residents next to the Paularino Channel, my husband and I stood up. We stopped them in their tracks by alerting and mobilizing the community. As a result, we forced City Council to put the project on hold. And I'm just getting started. As a Union member, I stand for everyday residents and workers, not wealthy out-of-town developers."

August 19, 2022

MEASURE K: What you need to know


At the last City Council meeting, the Council majority decided to approve Ballot Measure K, which will result in the reversal of Costa Mesa's landslide Citizens' initiative to require a vote of the people for high density development projects. In District 3, Measure K would eliminate those protections for portions of Harbor Boulevard next to College Park. Mesa Del Mar will also be severely affected, with Fairview Road between Baker Street and Mendoza Drive being slated for high density development. Eastside residents won't even be spared, with Newport Boulevard being the City's longest high-density corridor. "This will carve up almost a quarter of the City for politicians and developers to forever change our community while funding political machines for years to come," remarked Jorge Miron, candidate for Costa Mesa City Council, District 3. "There's no coming back from this kind of harm."

August 22, 2022

Lack of diversity at City Hall adversely affects decisions


Costa Mesa has the opportunity to elect their first openly gay male councilmember. Jorge Miron, who was born in Mexico and became a naturalized citizen, has been outspoken on the lack of true diversity of thought and of experience at City Hall. "These politicians promote themselves as being progressive, yet we haven't even had someone who represents everyday people on City Council. It's also about time the LGBT community is represented," he said. "When the Stater Brothers at Fairview and Baker is demolished due to the redevelopment being pushed by our Council majority, it will severely affect disadvantaged communities, creating a food desert in the heart of Costa Mesa. Seniors, disabled residents, and Latinos without access to vehicles will suffer the most. City Hall did the same thing where I grew up in Santa Ana, and now my disabled mother has to ride the bus for 30 minutes just to get groceries. That's the kind of perspective you don't have when someone simply changes the way they pronounce their name because it sounds more Latino."

September 9, 2022

When will we get our residential parking permits back?


The short answer is, you may not get them back - ever. City Council is debating reinstating residential parking permits, after suspending them back in 2021. The City decided to undertake a 'Residential Parking Study' to address parking needs and disparities. Ordinarily, looking at disparities and equitable impact would be a good thing, except that Council also did an across-the-board revocation of all parking permits with the exception of during specific special events (like the OC Fair).

"People get busy and can't attend City Council meetings. I know what it's like because I work a full time job too. I get it. It's really hard to sit through meetings after a long workday," said Jorge Miron, candidate for City Council in District 3. "But that's how we've lost control of our Council. Major decisions are being made that directly affect us, and without our knowledge or reasonable notice. Even when elected, I encourage all of you to attend at least a couple meetings a year. The best disinfectant is sunlight, and I hope you hold me accountable too."